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  1. Lift the pin and put a chunky cable tie around the shaft so it cant depress again, then if you want to go back to pinned its as easy as cutting the cable tie off. Use black ones - more UV resistant.
  2. Best engineering analogy I can think of is "think of an archer drawing a bow" the prod being the arrow and those angles to the string are pretty critical. Think about the bow string tension and loading if you were to change the angle of the arrow relative to the bow by sliding it up or down the string towards its termination. The loads get pretty extreme quite quickly. The cut back bow on the 930 doesn't help, a plumb bow easier, dreadnought easier again... hope that doesn't start you rethinking hull form... Just paid your bill, nice job.
  3. As someone mentioned earlier I think you will struggle with luff tension if you try to run a Code 0 off the end. Last one I built had two bobstays one to the tip for gennakers and one half way back for the Code 0. The inside bobstay was spliced around either side of the the prod to an eye on top and could slip back to the stem when not in use, to deploy the 0 clip 0 furler to inside bobstay loop and tackline from prod tip also to loop, pull on tackline to tension bobstay and pull furler outboard and foward, halyard on etc... I spliced around the prod so I didnt have to drill though an
  4. Depends on the sectional area and wall thickness of the prod. As an example... Generally with carbon spin poles you would never ever go below 2% of total length for diameter and assuming a decent wall thickness so 2.5m pole = 50mm dia pole and thats stayed in the middle via each end via downhaul. Look at the unstayed versions - Higher Ground, BNG, FNG? all have 100-125mm dia unstayed prods. Where you may come unstuck is that the structure in the forepeak required for unstayed will weigh a lot more than a bit of your magic string...
  5. What year was Alikan Wal? which generation IOR? cant seem to find out much about her online.
  6. Good outcome - both at fault. Bloody dodgy wind-bludgers and launchies!!
  7. Not disputing its a horror story but... Article said it was a an alloy boat with a motor 'screaming' so most likely a tinnie trailer boat and light enough to lift over the yacht on impact. Doesn't sound like a launch to me but hey lets not the facts get in the way of a good launch bashing cos all launchies no nothing about seamanship have never trimmed a main and are generally f**kwits.... A launch would have gone straight through it. So it happened at 8:15 pm when its very marginal for light and they were displaying a stern light only? No masthead 360 degree jobbie like the rules
  8. Jetski registration came about because they are essentially unidentifiable and there are now lots of the little suckers. We all have sail numbers or names on the side. I learnt not to swim anywhere after big rain in the 70's, taught by my father who grew up in AKL in the 30's and 40's just like any sensible parent would teach them. I'd argue that the water is cleaner now but the testing is far more accurate and localised so we have a more accurate picture. Not disputing that it could be better but common sense still applies...big rain = runoff. As for wanting to take a dump in
  9. BNG

    Leg 7 Start

    16 degree water temperature..... browns became whites Island and there was the other one out the back of Rangitoto he couldnt remember the name of. Is that a halyard or a fore-stay?
  10. BNG

    Leg 7 Start

    Official commentary was interesting.......
  11. BNG

    Suck or Blow

    Stop guessing and do the rough calculation - Swept volume of engine - lets say 2L x engine revs at cruise (say 2000rpm) - 2 x 2000L = 4000L/Min or 4 cu/m/min This assumes 100% volumetric efficiency which isn't possible but will get you close enough. I was recently on a Fjiordland based cray boat, you couldn't open the engine room door at cruise rpm due to the vacuum....and if you did it was about 50deg C inside through lack of ventilation. And then the muppets expected the intercoooler to cool the air to get anywhere near efficiency... where a bit of ventilation would have he
  12. Same here, I'm getting one immediately.
  13. Yes there is no issue with availability other than the pricing.... should you ever need to. Which could be a very scary expedition. But given its a Garner you probably wont need to...
  14. BNG

    Diesel engines (again)

    The Fords are a long heavy casting (particularly the six) and many problems originate with operator error - primarily not warming them up properly to allow the thermostat to open and circulate warm water to the rear of the block before fanging it down the harbour. The expansion along the length of the block is way different front to rear as they warm up and its this that can cause split manifolds (usually between cyl3/4) and head gasket issues etc. Treat them nice and they will treat you nicely back. Engine oil and filter every 200 hours, injector pump oil every 50 hours.
  15. BNG

    Suck or Blow

    Just like your sails - Flow is Go Bro. Yes - at the minimum needs to be well vented. If the ventilation ok it shouldnt need extraction as well as blower.
  16. I don't take it personally having been in both camps and the flappy canvas camp for way way longer I know there are offenders on both sides. Just seems to be the same people banging on about the same stuff day in and day out. At least my beer is viciously cold now.
  17. More like something sent from God.
  18. My beers are coming out of the fridge at -3 deg so pop over anytime you see us out and about.
  19. No need for it and close is enough, just not a good look.
  20. Did you know I was the other nicer, not run up the back of a bus Lady Margaret or was that a remarkable coincidence?
  21. Not my Lady Margaret, that the 1939 Dick Laing one owned by a very senior Squadron member and Squadron General Committee member. Mines Colin Wild 1928 and much better looking As I said, there will always be dickheads as he is no newbie so that only leaves one option. Take it up with Squadron if you feel strongly about it.
  22. I was posting to this comment which altho potentially tongue in cheek probably needed a mention, no reflection on many others on here IT. I wouldn't pass such a generalised comment on the yachties based on some of the horror story yacht behavior I see quite regularly....there will always be a few newbies or just dickheads in both camps.
  23. The launch bashing on here gets a bit tiresome and a lot of the luanchies are ex sailors with skills and knowledge far beyond anything you could possibly hope to achieve. This forum has changed, it used to be a forum of knowledgeable sailors, sailmakers and associated trades. Now it feels more like daycare for newish sailors with an opinion on everything with a few more experienced and patient participants conducting daily pre-school for a few that want to question the validity rules of the road etc some of which have been in place for hundreds of years. Give it a rest, you might be s
  24. Driving a RIB between the hulls of the Waiheke ferry the night we won the cup in 95 got me into a lot of trouble. Probably cos there is significantly less clearance, heaps more room for a plane under the bridge but probably still inadvisable...
  25. Was it actually full of water and not air-locked up? I always run the hot tap prior to a good motor to flush any air out. It takes roughly 10 x as much energy to heat the same volume of water as air so if its partially empty its likely to get way hotter than it should as its not transferring the energy (heat) to water.
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