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  1. Weather is always just like the brochure isn't it? We paid some extra money for a flasher brochure this year... http://www.ssanz.co.nz/documents/events ... Latest.pdf Seems to have paid off. With the pxts we are getting just imagine how good the next brochure will be!
  2. A lot of the crews had two on deck... but not the Truxton. Shane was driving while Skinner was having yet another sleep! I'm sure Skinner will tell a different story but we have the photographic evidence! #2014RNI
  3. Just click on the windsock button at top of screen! The crew on Marshall Law is a very handy sailor... might be making the difference
  4. Glen, I don't think Cool Change have tacked again... just experienced a big header. Now pointing at Berenice's transom. The fleet should all still lay the corner...just going to be a little tighter than earlier forecast... should be fun once past Egmont (at least for a while)
  5. Really? CC's move looked only to drop them back. Berenice cut the corner and made a gain. With wind shifting right the fleet will lay through... Berenice doesn't look like a boat to boogie so reducing distance is the way to go Added bonus for CC is they have placed themselves perfectly to be the first boat in the fleet to have the breeze go forward..... DOH!
  6. The fleet are having a dream run with weather so far... (ok a 20-30 knot send downhill may be better...but can't complain about what they are getting after the last two big round island races run by SSANZ)
  7. Cameron

    RNI 2014

    Thats an easy one! Sydney to Horbart is 2-5days... Round North Island is over 2 weeks! I believe we will still have spare battery capacity at the finish but it's something I don't believe is worth pushing the limits on
  8. Cameron

    RNI 2014

    In regards to Yellowbrick Trackers I feel I should clarify a few things as the person from SSANZ who has all contact with Yellowbrick. 1.) To date the Yellowbricks have performed reliably and exactly as they should have in the 2014 RNI. 2.) There is no problem with the equipment in regards to ability to have faster updates. Yellowbrick can remotely change the update intervals. Yellowbrick still seems to be the best tracking product available for this purpose. 3.) SSANZ primary reason for having trackers on boats is for safety, having pretty pictures for the public is a great byproduct bu
  9. Here's a new thread for Leg 2... Use the hashtag #2014RNI and it will be picked up by the social media feed on the tracker page. Start 1200hrs 10th Feb Good Luck to all competitors
  10. Trackers are fine. Updates hourly
  11. Here's a new thread for Leg 1... Use the hashtag #2014RNI and it will be picked up by the social media feed on the tracker page. Start 1400hrs today off Devonport Good Luck to all competitors
  12. Cameron

    RNI 2014

    Looks perfect for me to get some fishing in!
  13. Any more nominations ? Rumours have it 2 boats hit the bricks in the last race... but need some photos etc if they want to contend for the main prize.
  14. Come on, either own up, or dob someone in! Great prizes from Ropes Chain's and Anchors are up for grabs. I reckon there are few few contenders in a certain video posted on the Shorthanded Sailing Association of New Zealand's Facebook page.
  15. Ok... I stuffed up my days (working all weekend, every weekend does that!) but the point is get your entry in ASAP
  16. Reminder that entries close at 6pm Wednesday (That's tomorrow) Over 100 boats already entered so make sure you don't miss out!
  17. Entry fee of $900-950 is actually a great deal. The RNI is actually an expensive race to run. It takes up 2-3 weeks and although the SSANZ committee don't get paid they are not expected to have volunteering to help run the race cost them either. Having said that I know not all expenses were claimed so effectively they have personally subsidised the race to some degree as well... Last event saw over 50k Total of outgoing monies...and we didn't have Trackers then! Where does the money go ? Accommodation Airfares Rental Cars Prizegivings Marina berthage Meals Flags phone b
  18. http://www.ssanz.co.nz/events/index.html?id=95 Note also a few different course options and a change to the order of the races to enable us to view the America's Cup
  19. Entries are now open. This year is the 21st Anniversary of the series! Tell your mates to join the fun and enter the series too... Have a careful read of the Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions as there are a few changes. Note that there is no requirement for a PHRF cert for any division (if your only interested in line honours) However with the exception of the Multihulls and Young 88's PHRF will be used for handicap results. There are also some tweeks to the division structure. To win is meant to be a challenge...hence there have been a few mergers of divisions and changes to
  20. Jon... Got a spot on the Hard Labour if you want... It's faster than Danaide... hehe Anyone else after a ride call me on 021 2267662 as have a few spots free... Pier F1 (behind Richmond Yacht Club). Leaving dock at 5:45 Mark's promised to give us a kind handicap for an early xmas present and for once we will have the lowest 1020 handicap... Thanks in advance Mark.
  21. Bit late now... but I've only just seen the thread. Anyway the thoughts on the affect on trim by moving the fin aft 60mm I think were missing a key consideration. The function of the fin (other than a means of attaching the bulb) is to provide lateral resistance (and even better lift) to stop the boat going sideways. It's position is important to ensure a balanced boat. My thoughts would be to position it in the best possible place in this regard and then adjust the trim by shifting the bulb either fore or aft on the bottom of the fin. Anyway, hopefully it's all worked out well.
  22. SSANZ has run single handed races in the past and as Danaide mentions is considering again in the future... However my personal opinion (and NOT that of SSANZ) is that I have some issues with the safety aspects of singlehanded sailing of any distance around our coast. Essentially to get my support I'd need to be convinced that the whole fleet would comfortably finish the race within the limits of each skippers endurance without sleep. New Zealand weather changes rapidly and there are plenty of things to bump into so I think a continous "watch" is necessary. On this logic I think 60 miles is a
  23. I personally think there are plenty of options already... Starting with SSANZ B&G Simrad Triple Series Triennial RNI Race Two Handed Divisions in Coastal Classic, Auck-Tauranga and also White Island Race BBYC Single Handed Series Midweek Two Handed division Devonport Yacht Club Single Handed Race Panmure Yacht Club Two Handed Three Legged Race Richmond Yacht Club 3 Handed Division in Winter Series And there is more if you go looking.... I'd be more in favour of building and supporting existing races compared to adding more choices...
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