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  1. I know the previous owner of Wide Load if you need some info. Be aware it only has a fin and no bulb.
  2. We have two each and auto inflate option (both with harness rings as is standard these days). We tend to wear our lighter Hutchwilco PFD's during the day and in for pottering about, and then wear our bulker full noise Crewsaver ones at night -especially on passage (they have a bit more gear inside them). We are usually two-handed and on solo watch -and offshore a bit. So get the best you can afford and wear it. Remember it is the tether that is most important. Just a tip - add some extra glow in the dark tape onto the front. Makes it much easier to find your PFD in a dark cabin! And have spare
  3. PeteG

    Grab Bag

    Spare specs if you wear them Sea sick tabs Cellphones in dry bag Wallets Passports Any medicines that crew are taking Bottle of fresh water I would take a microwave too, as think a hot pie while in the liferaft would be bloody awesome.
  4. Again pick your weather. The last time around (going north), we spent the day sailing north past Gisborne in the forecast 10 knot E winds and a lazy swell, a yak on the vhf with the ship that nicely gave us some room at East Cape at 0200, then the forecast 10 knot NE breeze to follow us as we came around and headed across the Bay of Plenty. So nice we even doodled into Cape Runaway and along the coast for a bit for a gander, then out to White Island for a look. Think it ended up 4 days from Tory Channel to Mercury Islands for a break. There is a sea god!
  5. Having done both coasts a couple of times, and both directions. Best idea is to be organised to go either way, and don't be totally fixed on a date. The weather will dictate which way is best, and you won't make the final decision until the day before you go. Don't get hung up on which way people on here say is "the best". Probably the only advantage of east over west is that there are a more places to stop if you want/need to. The weather forecast that YOU decide to go on will decide it for you, and it is not compulsory to get snotted.
  6. Oh and ours is a Raymarine Evo 100 system with a ram onto our tiller.
  7. Our boat is quite similar to your's. Unless you spend moonbeams, don't expect a regular off the shelf tiller pilot system to be able to steer a nz style racer/cruiser for more than a few moments. Our style boats with wide flat bums need active steering (particularly off the wind) in any seaway. The pilots just can't keep up with the fast alterations needed, as the boat slews around on the waves. Well thats our experience - and we have pretty much hand steered to Tonga and over to Fiji. Otto is great when motoring or sailing in the light.
  8. Will be if you already have a ssb set up. We didn't, so just went with an iridium go via predict wind. Forecasts were very accurate. Also gave us voice calls home. The airtime package we needed was around NZ $210 per month. Once we got over to Fiji from Tonga, we stopped it as cellphone coverage very good and much better plans than NZ (we are on a $25 per month for 25gb but you also get $100 of calls to NZ and some other countries in that). We will reactivate the Iridium Go when we are in the Lau next year as we hear only limited cell coverage there. Good luck with your cruising preps.
  9. PeteG

    Backstay flicker

    We have a had a 20mm? sail batten as our flicker for about 10 years. But we put heat shrink over it to protect it from uv. Has worked very well. Just have a small block at the end that the backstay goes through.
  10. Great info thank you. We swapped out our Yanmar 2 cylinder 18hp for 3ym20 when we brought our boat some years ago. Has been a wonderful little engine and never regretted spending the money going new verse wasting it on a rebuild (done that once before on previous boat) Out of interest as you don't mention it, what is the warranty situation given you have done the installation and commisioning yourself?
  11. There are a number of Cat 1 inspectors in the South Island you can choose to use.
  12. PeteG


    We went in for a couple of days in April. Got in no problem at low tide and we draw 1.9 m and then anchored off the boat ramp/upper wharf. Not much room, you are amongst the moorings, and lots of current. Outside, Hohoura Bay is not to be missed (and a puff up the hill to old Pa site with views forever)
  13. At the end of the day you can make your own choices. 1) sit at home and complain about the costs and the Cat 1 system and try and invent wsys to get around it. 2)just get on with it and go cruising as you only get this life once. By the way, it is another great day in Fiji today !
  14. Try second hand house parts type places, for barrel bolts.
  15. +1 for the spring loaded barrel bolt thingy. We have ours on the inside to keep it out of the weather, and the pull string to the outside. We have perplex type washboards, so made up another set of ply ones that we set up to use for our storm washboards
  16. We have an Iridium Go with external aerial. Has been working Fab for us up in Tonga. Same as a sat phone for voice, it has that annoying delay. Easy thing though that you are just using your mobile phone/tablet etc to hook up to it. Doing the Predict Wind thing too. You need the unlimited monthly package - $149 US per month.
  17. That is what we did on our Young. Got an extension made to fit across the top of the rear locker so it was as high as physically possible (exhaust tubing bent to fit all the correct weird boat locker angles). Then wrapped it with some heat proof stuffy.
  18. Haha Jon. Yes we had lots of fun racing you guys in the RNI. Was always fun annoying the bigger boats that should have been much further ahead ???? Yes our boat is a Young 99. To set up for cruising, we added more wine storage, a bookshelf, staysail on furler and wee solar panel arch on back. Filled it up with as much food and drinkies as the waterline would allow. Have been amazed how well it handles overloaded! We did 2*170 mile days on way to Tonga, and 7 days 23 hours for the trip from Opua. So pretty reasonable time. Really rated our Predict Wind weather stuff via the Iridium Go. It w
  19. There are a lot of smaller boats capable of going offshore. Right now we are sitting enjoying Tonga in our 34 footer. Next to us are are friends on their Beale 33. Further along are Kev and Bec on a Beale 35. To be fair, all 3 boats are well set up and maintained. They are not Trade Me shitters. It will come down to structural and rig integrity as all the NZ boats are pretty old now. As always, buy the best boat you can't quite afford. Spend more on getting a better boat to begin with, than planning to upgrade everything. You will still spend a fortune anyway-just don't ever add it up, and y
  20. Got to read the report yesterday (quiet Sunday in Tonga) As always some good take home messages. We have activated our MOB on the plotter this morning, and got the epirb out and done a test (and both agree on how to activate it for real) Lots of other good thinking through our processes too-obviously we need to get some more stuff down in writing. It is back to good planning. Most of us probably guilty of getting a bit slack at times and not practicing stuff. I do think though too much focus goes on recovering MOB. Everything must be about NEVER going in to start with. Also, you can buy all t
  21. Yes we think you should do Vanuatu and New Cal next season. Just hang the water hose over the side as we will need a big white water tanker near us next season.
  22. Yep it is sounding odd. We have been following it on channel 16 as quite close. Listening to helimed earlier- sounded like the chopper guys were questioning why the crew wanted to come off. Funniest earlier they arrived at poor knights. 38m depth, only 40m of chain - next problem for them to be talked through.
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