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  1. If that doesn't work for you, Don Darling 07 866 8605
  2. muzled

    Xmas cruise

    Just heard from friends who were crayfishermen at the mercs for a long time that there is no walking over the island this year, allowed to go on the beachs but not more.
  3. muzled

    Xmas cruise

    Heading north tomorrow, got 6 weeks to have a mosy around up there, hoping to get right up the top if Huey allows us. Out little boat is Te Kouma, got 10 & 11 boys on board if anyone has kids who needs some kid company...
  4. This guy anchored off narrowneck this morning made me quite jealous.
  5. This guy has some good tests, skip to about 35 mins if you want to cut to the chase. I've got an excel, love it, held one day at Port Charles in 55+ with the boat doing 1kn back and forth side to side in the gusts. Dad always ranted that Port Charles had the worst holding around. The next morning was the only time I've had to tow the anchor out. But I'm sure if you ask 10 different people you'll get 15 different opinions which one is best.
  6. He's got some amazing footage in his latest trip to the Faroes.
  7. muzled


    pm sent ross.
  8. Sounds like it'd be a brave man that bid a dollar on it!
  9. Mate is getting this done now (in akl), he's using Marine Dynamics, they've templated the deck and prebuilt it in their workshop so once you're on the hard you're not there nearly as long.
  10. Yes, so.... I've watched about umpteen dozen videos and read double the amount of articles of tips, tricks and pointers. But I follow Irish guy below after having tried a few other methods and come out with a lesser result. A lot of other recipies don't knead the dough, they strech and leave over multiple hours, I haven't done that but it supposedly works better. For me I find kneading fits my daily routine better. I use Rye and wholemeal flour for the starter and a dutch oven to cook it in as didn't have a pyrex dish. My dough mix is 90% white and 10% Rye or WM. Get the ov
  11. LOL 100 mil at the moment is around a days income for the rich fullas that own these teams. Obviously I just made that up but there's no shortage of money floating around if some 1%'er wants to hang the cup in his lounge. Taxpayers don't need to be paying to host what at the end of the day, is a minority sporting event.
  12. Just saw this on another website, quite a cool map. https://twitter.com/val_brigatti/status/1438001292841033728/photo/1
  13. That's awesome! Just watched all three vids over dinner with the kids. Brings out the wanderlust.
  14. muzled


    Looks like hard work to me. Brother in law is into it, he has a surf shop so has several old foils laying about and is going to drop off an old one to tow behind the dinghy, reckons it'll pop at 5kn and said it's pretty cool feeling the foils load up as you turn. Would need to be detachable to have on the boat but could be good amusement for lazy arvos (and anyone watching the first few attempts...)
  15. Friend just sent this through. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9985003/Boat-marooned-rock-10ft-air-colliding-underwater-reef.html
  16. Phew, didn't even have to rush out a buy a house...
  17. At least I'll be able to get my 'white powder' to you at some stage BP... (although I'm not sure when exactly!)
  18. Interesting that he said he's making a comfortable living now, that's quite cool. He's been bloody lucky to have that aussie guy Jamie with him on Parlay for so long.
  19. The Rose Harmony’s third officer saw the Leila Jo when it was 5.6 kilometres away, observed the two vessels being on a potential collision course, and told the ship’s master several times, the report said. “But the bridge team did nothing about it until it was too late.” The Leila Jo’s deckhand – the sole watch keeper – saw on radar a vessel leaving Lyttelton, but did not investigate further. The captain of the Rose Harmony is now a deckhand and the deckhand of Liela Jo is now a floor sweeper at pns?
  20. Not really outboards but interesting article on new battery tech. https://www.mining.com/german-researchers-develop-record-breaking-lithium-metal-cell/ In their paper, the group reports that with the cathode NCM88 and the electrolyte ILE, the lithium metal battery achieves an energy density of 560-watt hours per kilogram (Wh / kg) — based on the total weight of the active materials. The device also has an initial storage capacity of 214 milliampere hours per gram (mAh / g) and 88%of the capacity is retained over 1,000 charging cycles. Just did a quick google on what Li batterie
  21. Ha, just to satisfy your curiosity but mainly to save you from watching the news...
  22. I'm on the shore. Apparently you can dry the starter out and reconstitute it back to life by adding some fresh flour n water. Could pop some in an envelope and send it to you if you want. (my first few loaves didn't turn out very well, it def takes some trial and error)
  23. Do you want some sourdough start BP?
  24. muzled

    Dibley 33

    Pretty cool looking boat. But yikes. 6m of chain on a 14m boat? 44 lbs CQR anchor, equipped with 20’ of 3/8″ chain and 150’of 3/4″ Yale Brait anchor rode
  25. There are some... I follow Historic Vessel Vega and they're often posting cool vids of traditional building and photo's of old boats. https://www.facebook.com/Historic-Vessel-Vega-125068434229063 This is the Cutty Sark at Mill Wall back in 1937. No wonder she was so fast.
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