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Boating now heavily restricted

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Agree the govt has form for changing its mind on a whim, but in this context I don't have a problem with it. They are having to make decisions with massive ramifications very quickly and on limited fa

The higher the alert levels, the less rights you have. This is not some form of sinister Gvt control of the People however. It is about keeping the Public safe in a time of crises. You yourself might

Your comment is out of line and I've reported it. We don't need racism in NZ, or anywhere. #givenothingtoracism

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1 hour ago, ScottiE said:

PM say all sorts of s**t that then changes 24 hours later so unless it's formally published, like everything else she's ever said since getting into power I place no credibility on the words that come out of her mouth.

Hard to argue that when many lists include (or still include??) boats 'non-motorised'.

The PM is the media spokes person, the public pretty face, the seller of stuff no one wants and she is very good at it. But after the who's allowed to drive when and when shomozzle, that  it was when if fist came out and sort of still is a bit, when I asked the cps and those we spoke to said OK but not sure if our collogues will see it the same way, I'm now listen to those who will enforce any calls, they are the ones we'll have to deal with, it won't be the PM.


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13 minutes ago, strath said:

The question is, under Level 3 can a few of us go down to the lake and sail our Radio Controlled Yachts as long as we stay 2 metres apart?

According to the PM that's a no, it is boating of any sort so not allowed.

According to many of the lists floating around it is a yes, it is non motorised boating so it is allowed

According to some on Crew No

According to some of Crew Yes

Flip a coin, that will be about as accurate as anyone else.


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if you are allowed to paddle a kayak under level 3

fish from shore

row out to a moored boat 

of course you can "operate" a radio control boat from the water's edge

but you'll also need to be prepared for blind cultists trying to call down the wrath of god down upon you 


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