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  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e73Ki8l5T6M 40 seconds in....
  3. That went to Australia. Renamed Easy Tiger III. https://www.sail-world.com/NZ/Easy-Tiger-III-joins-Melges-32-fleet/-106529?source=google
  4. Was one, don't know what happened to it http://www.racetrack.org.nz/boat.php?boatid=376376
  5. Thanks guys, had a great time. It's been a very nervous few weeks having no idea how we're doing in the boat. Beating the local mixed Keeler fleet by 10 minutes an hour doesn't prove much. Anyways she seemed to go okay. My son Matty said on the 2nd beat "sh*t this boat's fast, we're sailing like bunnies and it's still ahead" Prick We had our moments. Great location, great course, basically a 7.5 mile windward leeward and a good friendly bunch. Sorry we didn't hang at the club much, Friday was my birthday and Saturday we were shattered. See you next year
  6. IMO it makes a huge difference. Simply the best change you can do to an AP. I changed my own one, which was an AP28 with a AC42 computer and custom ram. Way better course holding, and much less hunting. But since then I've changed the whole system, to a triton pilot with NAC3. Same compass and same ram. The Precision 9 was the best update of all of it... Regardless of whether you buy it from me or not ...
  7. Yes. Expect this summer to be hot but unstable...
  8. Is there a Melges 32 in NZ and does it race?
  9. So if we are getting warmer currents early.Is there a stronger chance Jan/Feb of cyclonic conditions??
  10. Thanks guys, great to see you enjoying some puddle jumping. There should be some more pictures on the BOPTYS Facebook page. Congratulations to Will White and his crew on Panic Knot (Wairarapa), Didi 26, winners of the Alan Civil Memorial Race on Lake Rotoiti, NI, on Saturday 21st November. 2nd went to Piccolo, Farr 5000 (David and Leslie Goddard) and 3rd Blue Fire, N25 (Greg Waterhouse). FULL RACE RESULTS go to: https://www.boptys.net/regattas
  11. Bloody awesome race ! Thanks BOPTYS for a great weekend . Below is a photo of the mighty 44 Forty alongside the even mightier (faster) Deep purple . Also see the video of a a fairly close port/starboard encounter with the Didi 26 Panic Knot ...we all made mistakes on the day so no love lost ! IMG_1011.MOV
  12. We caught a turtle at Mayor island on a fishing rod about 15 years ago. True story. We had a boat load of witnesses. DOC told us to let it go as it was not unknown for them to follow the warm currents down here. I guess the concern is that it’s early in the season for the warm currents to be here.
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  14. Curious to hear your comments on the noticed real world differences between the Precision 9 and the RC42N
  15. Vendée Globe: Damage to HUGO BOSS Published on November 22nd, 2020 (November 22, 2020; Day 15) – Vendée Globe favorite Alex Thomson (GBR) has paused racing to address damage to his 2019 VPLP-design HUGO BOSS. Ross Daniel, Technical Director at Alex Thomson Racing, has released the following statement at 11:30 GMT on November 22: “Yesterday evening (Saturday 21st November), while Alex was carrying out a routine inspection onboard HUGO BOSS, he spotted what he believed to be some structural damage in the bow area of the boat. He immediately notified myself and the
  16. If the cylinder tank is copper, could be worth flushing and keeping, otherwise I would replace it
  17. We have a one of the original VP calorifiers for fresh hot water from back in the day that Volvo sold/made them When we upgraded the engine from the raw water cooled 2003 engine to the D1-30 we didn't reconnect the calorifier due to the fact that we didn't want to start pumping the coolant through pipes that were contaminated with salt water. What's peoples views on the possibility of flushing the heat exchanger, maybe with salt-away and heaps of fresh and starting using it again on the d1-30? Or should we just be looking at replacing it so as not to risk harming the engine in
  18. The Hugo Boss boat looks like it is in some serious trouble... heard about 'structural issues' a few hours ago and not the bow height is now minus (-) 1.49 meters! Here is an Image from the Alex Thompson Racing Site from 9:04pm... Computer image but causes some concern, eh?
  19. 5 years old. Working perfectly. Nmea 2000. Upgraded to a Precision 9 and have decided not to keep both on the network. Pickup Westhaven or Takapuna. Will advertise on Trademe next week.
  20. Have you spoken with a spar maker about this topic? Our 16.8m mast (Mast section is 124 x 204 x 4 mm) is very-very lightly built and has 5/16" fasteners every 10cm and it's been no problem in over three years of hard sailing up to 68 knot winds off-shore and many more years of costal sailing. My gut tells me that If your fasteners are around 12mm or less... I would not worry about the extra holes at 15cm spacing. The mast track you are adding will increase the strength of the mast somewhat and it sounds like the extrusion has a built-in luff grove already stiffening the back. So
  21. The hull is like it is to reduce wind resistance, with the canoe body to help earlier lift out, the flat sections esp aft to provide the required form stability for the AC 36 rules. The flat deck is to provide end plate benefits to the sails. I dont think the sides are concave, they don't appear that way in reality.
  22. Are the aft sides actually a concave section as they appear in some pics? or is that just optical illusion? I'd been thinking about ways to gain aerodynamic advantage, one obvious one is to angle the flat bottom down, thereby generating vertical "push", and I'd wondered about using hullform, since the apparent wind is always forward of the beam, either using concave sides, which could be angled to generate forward thrust, or perhaps tunnels through the hull, which could be optimised to whatever the designed apparent wind angle would be. I'd be quite interested to hear a bit more abo
  23. Short-term Gulf Harbour berth available immediately until around 20 Dec. $30pd. Centre pole so easy berthing. Power & water inc. PM me if interested.
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