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Watching practice races?

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North Head -go by bike its great, Montcommentary and TV missed starts -Bens big moment etc etc. They need to sharpen up on TV coverage North Head is the spot but PJ needs to be eased out and stop interviewing old mates whilst the real racing is on . 

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back with C today

There was speculation earlier this morning that the light conditions would force organisers to shift racing to the less fan-friendly course A, however the same course as the opening two days of racing, C, will again be employed today.

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We are one of the Stake Boats marking out the spectator fleet boundary 

Its all a big learning curve with 3 different organisations organising different parts, plus on top of that the race marks can only be towed at 4.5kts and then someone has to climb inside to anchor then.

Be patient and just head for the general area and it will all become apparent.

The organisation has improved heaps since the practice days earlier in the week.

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I think one of the purposes of the regatta is to test the logistics as well as the boats. 
Not sure about the on water stuff but the TV commentary was awful In places. They didn’t know how many laps to be done, the graphics didn’t line up with the markers, the commentators weren’t listening or couldn’t hear race radio so didn’t report what the judge was saying, on and on. Compared to Bermuda they have a looonnng way to go. 

Fantastic race watching nonetheless. 

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today's schedule

Christmas Cup schedule

Sunday (course A)

3.12pm: Team New Zealand v Ineos Team UK
3.50pm: American Magic v Luna Rossa
4.40pm: Race for 3rd (Loser Semifinal 1 v Loser Semifinal 2)
5.20pm: Final (Winner Semifinal 1 v Winner Semifinal 2)

for days 1 + 2 found sitting on NH with good binos great, along with AM 1334 radio for commentary

then following up with youtube in the evening

may do the same today if it's C and better wind than yesterday

otherwise it might be time to wander around the viaduct 


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yes, it's hard to go back to tv after you've gotten used to; watching when you want, hopping around the video, skipping the bits YOU think are boring and replaying the ones YOU think are interesting 


Race course A will be used for racing today 20 December 2020 and weather forecast are for North-Northeast breezes and light winds between 7 to 12 knots with low tide at 18:45. 

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As much as I struggle to watch the AC75s.It is totally amazing to see a 75footer foil.But as for the racing aspect completely boring to me.Much rather go to local pond and watch  iom racing or the unrestricted marblehead class. At least they can be matched racing.But this AC75 stuff is a fore gone conclusion (in most cases)win the start have won the race. Hope I am the only one that feels this way but cannot see it being a future major event.

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Youtube is about 10 seconds behind, and the picture quality not as good as TV1. However with TV1 as soon as the race finishes you get adverts, and miss the race recap highlights, plus the interview with the skipper. So what I do now is watch the race start to finish on TV1, then flick to Youtube for the between race bits. I guess it depends if you prefer Lester/Robertson or Read/Outteridge as well.

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