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  1. Absolutely rivetting so far. All that money, testosterone and court cases and they can't even sort out a breeze.
  2. Pretty sure its only the two ETNZ boats with an Oracle one as a backup.
  3. "Going on the last 2 years 2nd leg finishes we should cross the line off Kawau 1 or 2 minutes in front of the Y11/R35 and the big T group this year. Oh and maybe 2 Y11's coming out to play this year." And the smack talking starts In your dreams bondage guy. The mighty Transformer has a new anchor winch this year so there's no holding me back. (thanks for supplying - fitted and working no problems).
  4. Sails real well and faster than a Lotus - not the room though for cruising. But a great design.
  5. "I named the boat Squid coz it goes in both directions." Confirms it - from the Squids mouth - you go both ways.
  6. CS advises "or impotence will be lost".Not enough room down below for this! Good name for the prtotype though - Impetus.
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