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  1. Sounds like a job any canvas maker can do, not necessarily a sailmaker. Someone who does truck tarps, shade cloths, general canvas work.
  2. Always remember the words of an old Police Launchmaster - Yeah right, education is the key. After the third fine , they soon learn.
  3. Dishwashing liquid and lots of airing - diesel evapourates like petrol - takes longer though.
  4. Says a lot for our news service when a yacht dragging in Islington Bay makes national news.
  5. It is my understanding the yacht clubs were encouraged to move there in the 40's with, in Richmonds case anyway, a 5000 pound grant from the Harbour Board. This unfortunately morphed into the Port Company claiming that they owned a share of the building and Richmond had to buy back this share, at well over $100000, in the 1990's. And still the battles continue, now with Panuku.
  6. Was on a major building site in Auckland that required hardhats (fair enough in some areas.) Had a girl sitting in lift in a nearly finished section - all day operating it for the contractors and yes, had a hard hat on, hi viz and steel caps.
  7. And we spotted a large seal in the shipping lane off Northhead during spring regatta, and I mean large.
  8. Bloody National - letting anybody in!
  9. Key also had a selective memory blanking process when it came to difficult questions and could never remember anything when it didn't suit. Bit like me with the missus after too many rums after a race.
  10. Yes, non copper based one as copper fizzes with the saildrive. Should also use same antifoul around where sail drive exits hull for say about 300mm to give a buffer.
  11. The big T

    AC Day 2

    Keep the downloads coming IT, some of us have to work and have no Sky. Thanks
  12. Rear or vice Commodore I think. Current Commodore just swallowtail ( remembered as Commodore has no balls)! .
  13. Maltese cross one is the Retired Commodore one.
  14. Been with Mariner and its previous incarnations for probably 30 years now and absolutely no problems- with a few claims along the way as well! Well worth a call.
  15. No cruising along that coast at all - no shelter- straight out into Tasman Sea. Have option of towing to lakes (Patea) or middle of the island. New Plymouth has a good active fleet of competitive Hartleys. I raced out of there for years so know it well (dinghies and Noelex 22). Nearest cruising is an overnighter to the sounds and certainly way beyond the capability of a trailer yacht.
  16. Had a Noelex 30 for years, back in the day when there was even class racing. Great boat, a real Tardis in terms of size down below, Not really a real trailer yacht - the rig took a bit to raise and would be more suited to use as per Island Time - ie left by a ramp fully rigged. Great with young kids - anchored in about 2 feet of water while they played around boat. Great Gulf cruiser/racer and could foot it with Young 88's on a good day. Never see them in Auckland now - most I think are on Taupo or in Aussie.
  17. Will this work on ants. Like many others, I have been invaded by Argentinian ants at Westhaven and have tried all sorts of bombs and brews to no avail.
  18. Only news in this pc world. Didn't we all make rafts, tin kayaks, have fallen out of boats, got wet, muddy, had fun, sometimes hurt ourselves. Probably find the raft was in waist deep water, all were swimmers and no real drama - but the news has made it so.
  19. Had to tack as a smaller boat came in on starboard. Motor stalled and had to quickly manually release keel rather than a controlled swing.
  20. Maybe a cause for the AYBA to help with financially as a sop to us keeler contributors. We do need the buoys for our racing and significant work has been undertaken by the keeler clubs in setting courses to use these.
  21. Go for it. And as I have pointed out before, they must send you a second notice ( they cannot be sure you received the first as it might have blown away). Then you have the right to ask for it to go to court - and this applies to Govt and local Govt bodies. Wilson's I suspect operate under bluff and bluster. They normally can lock you in in a carpark situation - something that does not apply here.Then if you chicken out, pay the day day before the court case or turn up and argue. Could be a year away.
  22. Still there - had a go at a couple of dogs on S marina on Saturday afternoon. One dog was so petrified it refused to get off boat for a couple of hours.
  23. Will be up to Council staff to police and, having been in that role more than a few years ago, can say it is not a revenue earner. Anyone has the right to contest an infringement notice by going to court which immediately costs Council.. Should every ticket issued be taken through the court system, the costs would be immense as would the burden on already stressed courts. And you can bail out and pay at the last minute if you want to (applies to all infringement notices including traffic). And you can ignore the first ticket and pay on the second which must be served on you. When in the j
  24. Surprised Worksafe isn't involved as the staff at Westhaven are working in a hazardous environment. Then again maybe they have been trained on what to do and how to handle it to cover managements butt. Just the unsuspecting users of Westhaven and its environs that are left in a hazardous situation. Have actually heard Westhaven senior staff member say its like having a wild lion roaming in your village.
  25. Northern Leading race mark must be made of that new rust camouflage plastic!
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