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  1. Slice of Lemon? - moored Tamaki River at least 20 years ago with the bulbous bit. Maybe recent is a relative term in a 40 year old boat.
  2. No bias or self interest but have you looked at Prawn Broker - Jim Young Rocket, seems to tick all your boxes. Also High Spirits at about half the price. Both optimized to full, good cruising and both have relatively new rigs and sails. Prods, square tops, t keels, gennakers and kites and both outboard powered.
  3. Used him for years - yes he is slow but good sails at fair price. Must be known as No Hurry Murray for a reason.
  4. Had a N22 in the 80's at New Plymouth - came with a 7.5 4 stroke Honda which I replaced with a 6 horse 2 stroke Johnson. Standard prop on both and both worked well, even in the Tasman swells and waves. A four stroke may give you better battery charging ability.
  5. Always thought Scow was an Alan Mummery design.
  6. So far in Auckland, no real controls enforced and no major dramas. I suspect all naughty weeds/growth are mainly on wharves, marina pontoons and the like, with the biggest of these being under the control of the environmental policing body which takes a lot of money from us - Auckland Council or the Council owned Port Company. There are many severely fouled boats lying on Council administered moorings which have remained unloved for many years with no action again by Council. Lack of Council action could be 1 Why bite the hand that feeds you, or 2 Auckland Council is more enlightened
  7. Like we race our boats with 30cm of growth underneath. Also why a full diver to inspect - 3 minutes with a snorkel can do the job.
  8. Sure did. Westhaven clawed back what they knocked off the annual service fee in one month! If mine is one to go by, they either lost hugely on power in the past or are on a massive windfall.
  9. I have a brilliant crew who run a contribution scheme through one of the crew - $10 a race, not compulsory and certainly unsolicited by me. When we blow a kite or whatever, their contributions pay for most if not all the repairs and the money just arrives. Am aware that some put in more, some less, whatever they can afford at the time. Can't appreciate them and their philosophy enough and it is part of why we get on so well and have a great time regardless of results. Some of them have been crewing for me for over 15 years and average age probably 60 - the young bowman is 38. And we always
  10. Thanks for that - looks well glued so will take to a shop.
  11. Have inherited an inflatable dinghy (Aquapro) which has two lifting hinges glued to one side. The original owner wants these for his new dinghy. I know handles rowlocks etc fall off with time but how can I remove these without destroying dinghy.
  12. Have inherited an inflatable dinghy (Aquapro) which has two lifting hinges glued to one side. The original owner wants these for his new dinghy. I know handles rowlocks etc fall off with time but how can I remove these without destroying dinghy.
  13. Just like the sugar police. Gobsmacked that our national news was headlined by 9 cent bottles of softdrink which concerned some lobby group and a National Name and shame for the supermarket. Just don't Freeking buy it if its a concern to you. Mind you, probably highlighted a break-even point cost wise on a bottle of softdrink.
  14. Owned for years by Trevor Cowbray ? spelling, who sold it to the owner you bought it off (Dan Davies?). Trevor was the custodian of Okahu Bay hardstand for many years and before that was a mooring contractor on the Auckland Harbour. Not to sure if Trevor is still alive as would be fairly ancient now and did successfully battle with cancer. A real hard case and character.
  15. Why not Spring Regatta - Richmond Yacht Club in September. First race of all clubs for summer season, part of Gold Cup Series and all sponsored. Starts and finishes at Orakei. Why reinvent wheels and dilute the ever decreasing pool.
  16. Big steel boat nearby?
  17. lost the little arrow thingy on my windgear about 6 months ago - now sailing using things like the Windex, people looking and calling breeze - oh, and a bit of the old skill I used to have., So far, had the best season racing for about 6 years. Mind you, was worried about Kawau night race but actually finished so well we were still in daylight. Still must order someone up to grab the windgear arm so I can glue on a new arrow - Raymarine 60 which Lusty and Blundell are unsure if they can supply just a new arrow but are happy to do the whole thing.
  18. In Welcome Bay Tauranga is, or was, a large Gin Palace that had been an insurance write off but patched up and put in a pond on a farm. Used for homestays and looked great.
  19. Did mine years ago (25ish) with method one. The bottom of the ram stays in the water all the time which is where mine failed. Took ram out (on land) and tracked down the company that had made it - Dynamic Hydraulics or similar in Captain Springs Road Onehunga. They pulled out a notebook out with all details of the ram etc and basically grafted on a new bottom. May have measurement etc for pin - I do remember marking this and grinding out with trepidation. See by Google they could now be Dynamic Fluid Systems Int. Ltd - ph 095800480 - 77b Station Rd Penrose. Web site www.dfsi.c
  20. 500 tonnes equates roughly to a vessel the size of the Asian squid boats we used to get in here. No scheduled ferry service has any rights over yachts in Auckland. From memory the only ferry large enough to be over 500 tonnes was the Supercat at 600 tonnes - even Quickcat is under this.
  21. Pukeko is ex Tailgunner and has completed either around NZ or North Island race - can't remember which one. A Marauder, Wisecrack, has completed single handed race to Moloolabar across Tasman. Both capable but I think the Whiting would be kinder on crew.
  22. Cough Cough, SSANZ and other cheap alternatives do not run Clubhouses, paid staff, safety boats etc. But most will use existing Clubs assets for prize giving's, race management (not SSANZ for all this but some). Anyway, belonging to a Club should be of mutual benefit to the Club and member, not just a matter of bucks.
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