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Not this weekend but over the last month i have been doing something new. I had a delivery planned Tahiti to Auckland but it failed to materialize. Angela had gone to visit her mum in Florida so

Got 10 boats towed back into the environment before 10:30 this morning, waited until tide came in, floated off the cradle and went to the mooring only to find it had become an ecosystem all of its own

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Gotta love a Mull!.


 Some weekend, man , come to work for a rest.

neat seeing the One ton boats start and then I spent 2 days watching the classics either do nothing or finally on sunday get some wind for a race, terrific spectacle.   A bit of a wander around the volvo boats on sunday too, its all going off.

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been buying a few more 'wants' from trademe

1 - an old large 10' colour GPS plotter....didn't realise how big these things were!, may just fit in the now empty stbd side cockpit bulkhead but for now have it tied up on top.

came with no sounder transducer or gps ant.

don't need the sounder as the old nasa target sounder is fine.....and am getting the gps position via nmea from the non-plotting garmin 128 already fitted



2 - also an old 1998? navico autopilot......apparently only ever had occasional light use to drive an aries wind vane on days when the wind was too light for the vane to work properly



has been a revelation soloing on the storfidra!

no more pinning the rudder, while motoring into wind, for the panic dash to the bow to drop or raise the jib, then back to the rudder to correct course drift, then dash to the mast to drop or raise the main, then rush back back before the bow gets across the wind

also before the autopilot, upwind and reaching were able to balance the sails nicely before pinning the rudder so she would self steer

but couldn't find a setting for downwind

but the autopilot holds course best downwind, light wind, allowing me to read a book



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So far this weekend I have...


Bought a house.


Been on a fullers harbour cruise.


Seen Sundreamer sailing up the harbour with full working canvas - She looks good! 

At the end of the same cruise, steamed past the back of the now moored dream machine, so got to see her up close-ish, too.


That's a lot for a Saturday I reckon! And since I have never seen said rocketship before, it was pretty cool!!

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Decided rather than do the ANZAC200 I'd though all those telling me the more I sail OP's the longer mine will take to get floating should be listened to. A short term pain for a long term gain call was made. Twas a big weekend but very productive so KM's a happy chap this morning... bar a few aches and pains from having to simulate a small chinese contortionist when glassing some spots. I'm nothing like as flexible as the women of my dreams are  :D


Last Thursday morning -



This morning -



Last Tuesday morning -



This morning -



Still a pile to go but it's good to see her looking like a proper boat again. Now I've pushed thru a couple of hold up points the rest should come together pretty quick.


Big Thanks have to go out to Otto and Monteith's for their assistance, abuse, coffee supplying skills, general handiness and making me look like I do have a semblance of fashion sense ;)


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