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This Weekend's Achievements


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Went to North Head last last night and escorted Pelagian up the harbour to finish at 2330.


Helped fold all headsails and tidy boat as the two boys had had a great welcome from about 40 family & friends and enjoying a few rums :thumbup: :thumbup:


WELL DONE and they survived

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fitted laminated beam to foredeck. It's supposed to be a spinnaker take-down guide. We'll see how it works.









Nice job fitting the beam! Looks like a good little weekend job :thumbup:

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Yeah it was nice. A few coats of varnish next weekend and we'll hoist the gennaker for the first time on Good friday...


Awesome! Wholey F%#^ That means my nationals are next week.. Havnt even entered yet!


Have to get some photos up of it all done :)

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Easter Monday is here!! Did everyone get a visit from "the bunny"?


Saturday and Sunday I managed to....


-Get a sunburnt face.


-Have a successful first attempt at a really odd sprint race format on Saturday - As creator of the whole thing, I'm going to brag about how good it was from the start-finish boat. Really good to watch, and pretty unpredictable. All the competitors thoroughly enjoyed it as well.


-Organise and run a relatively successful Manukau Regatta on Sunday. Rather down on numbers because of the long weekend (I didn't set the date) but we still managed to muster 22 boats for the first start. We were hoping for 50+.

Big thanks to Kim Admore and Murray Gallagher who did a lot of the hard work yesterday!


French Bay (AKA Zoe's place) are hosting the Manukau Regatta for 2013.


Weymouth (my place) will be there in mass, we need to defend the inter-club shield we took from them yesterday!


We plan to run another similar regatta over December 15 & 16 this year, we have 4.4m tides around mid-day, so lots of water!

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Saturday morning while I was sleeping, the boys went down to do some work on the boat. They came home telling stories of the young fella being hoisted up the mast with the jib halyard (fractional). The young fella had taken his phone up with him, and had pictures to show me.


Saturday afternoon, Himself wanted me to give him a hand to putty fill the areas he had filed back in the morning.

so we went out and did that, and the young fella wanted to go up the mast again. So he prepped the bosuns chair and was waiting for us to hoist him up the mast.


Up he went on the mast head genniker halyard. Once he reached the fractional point, he asked if he could stop for a bit. Then he was hoisted to the top.


"I can see the surf breaking on the beach from here" he said.


I always said he would make a great bosun!




No sailing this weekend - although we went out to try out the mast head Genny on Sunday, the wind just did not want to come out and play, so we gave up after 45 minutes!



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I thought the story was going to be .... while swinging around the mast his phone decided to fly off into the Athenree Estuary ..... luckily it didn't end that way!!


LOL - Himself managed to drop his in the water last weekend!

Hey - you started this whole "up the mast thing" the other weekend :wink:


I can't remember how high our mast is - I think Offender told us 15m above the water? That is high for someone just over 1.2m tall!

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Friday morning 6 am, after the best part of a year. Elation, relief and lot to look forward too. For those who haven't built or rebuilt

its hard to describe the high when it goes in the tide!



looking very sharp! Nice to have you aboard yesterday 8)



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