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  1. You can cook perfect sausages at anchor! The roll keeps them moving so they never burn! Seriously thou... its a fantastic place to visit. I think I'm up to 6 trips now. But as Jon says it's best to have plenty of time. Base yourself around the top of NZ and when a good weather window arrives grab it... also get out again before it turns nasty. Having said that all my trips have been pretty good... but my second time up there I was on Te Ariki Nui and on arrival it took us an hour to untangle the anchor chain... on their previous trip hour they had copped a pounding and the anchor chain h
  2. Is the start line moving from the Northern Leading area this year? Easier for Westhaven boats? THE START 8.1 Races will be started using RRS 26 with the warning signal made 5 (five) minutes before the starting signal. 8.2 The Start line will be in the Waitemata Harbour
  3. Can you switch the depth and speed transducers positions?
  4. If you look at the attached image you can see the coolant tank and heat exchanger and associated hoses are essentially at the same height but opposite sides of the motor. It takes stuff all heel for the Coolant tank to no longer be the highest point in the system... at which stage the issues start. Remote locating can completely resolve this problem. Generally I motor or sail... but the way the motor comes ex factory the buzzer could sound within 2 minutes of hoisting the main on port tack even with minimal heel... I certainly what to be less restricted than that. 1245hr later and no real
  5. According to the Volvo gauge they seem to run at 95 deg... been this way since new and consistent and no issue for 8 years now and 1245hrs. I don't know how accurate Volvo's gauge calibration is though. One other issue with the D1 series (which Ovlov say nothing and claim no issues despite plenty of evidence on the internet) is the factory placement of the coolant tank. From memory if you heel over a bit on port tack (doesn't even have to be excessive) you can get air into the coolant system and get the temp warning buzzer going off very quickly.... in which the best thing to do is tack a
  6. Re... not stopping I discovered by accident that if the batteries have somehow been turned off while the engine is running then the engine stop button won't work. Even if the batteries are turned back on the button will still not stop the engine so you have to resort to the manual engine stop lever located on the engine. Turning the ignition off then on again (with batteries turned on) and then starting the engine... then everything functions as it should.
  7. I normally do the servicing myself... but thought they may be a better option in this case and know more than I do.... apparently not!
  8. Part 4 is the O-Ring that needed replacement
  9. If anyone has a Volvo D1-13, D1-20, D1-30 apparently it's not uncommon to get a small oil leak from the throttle input shaft. Ovlov will quote north of $1k to fix and insist on taking the whole front of the motor apart to remove timing cover. I saw them and showed them schematics about an easier way that meant only undoing 1 nut and 4 bolts but when the mechanic went to the boat and after inspecting he said it couldn't be done without removing the timing cover. At this point I told them I would do the jib myself! I have successfully completed the job in the way I always thought
  10. Probably a deceptive image... but the rig almost looks forward of vertical... certainly very little if any rake.
  11. For an extra $250 go the Suzi all day long... At least you can always sell it. Parsun you would probably have for life as not many would want it!
  12. I disagree... Easier to sail than a P. Never had to get in over the transom or had issues avoiding a roll over. I had one to play with early on in my sailing career. Dad loved it when the ""P" mum's and dads got upset about this kid in another sort of boat passing their little Johnny. At that stage I have no doubt that "little Johnny" was the better sailor (a couple of years more experienced)... but the Sprint was faster.
  13. The solid colour vinyl lasts ages if you get quality stuff.... It's the printed ones with colour changes / fades etc that don't last all that well
  14. A pleasant sail up and down the harbour under No2 and full main followed by a few rums...
  15. Don’t call it too early... forecast is to reduce and the first half is all downwind anyway...giving more time for wind to drop for the bash home. I’m keen to sail even if ending up two handed...might just go out regardless.
  16. Been out of the water for a while.... more like been trying to keep the water out for a while!
  17. Funny how the cruising version of the MRX gives them a 2 minute head start! Must be the full fridge and freezer and better stereo that makes the difference!
  18. I recently put in a 15l Isotemp.... absolutely brilliant system. Heats up so fast. Very impressed. The boat has a compressor driven fridge/freezer... so running the engine each day charges the batteries, heats the water and cools the fridge/freezer all at the same time. As the engine needs to be run regardless it made sense to maximise what it does when running.
  19. Is it on? If so add Hard Labour to the list
  20. Really??? Can we see photographic evidence???
  21. Keeping it simple. I want the boat for my winning bid. The owners wife won’t honour it as she wants more. I have had a legal opinion to say the winning auction bid is/was valid. I’m reserving my right to exercise my legal options. I have reported the relisting to trademe.
  22. Unbelievably generous of you! I was expecting 18:30! No way should we be starting the same time as Fun n Games... that would be so unfair as they are only half our weight! As the handicap is such a gift I might even consider going solo... Will make the deposit now...
  23. Too late to put an entry in?
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