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  1. The article on the linked page is terrible! Supposedly Fusion vs JL yet it's mainly Wet Sounds vs JL!
  2. Have a chat to Steve Ashley http://www.riggingshop.co.nz/ After he sealed the mast collar it's the most water tight it's ever been. He didn't seem to be a big fan of Spartite. For inside the mast... A block of foam cut tight to fit then rammed up the mast to just below the lowest exit point. Then pourable silicon over the top until flush. It's good if you can heel the boat toward the side opposite the exit hole so the silicon sets on an angle and the lowest point is at the exit.
  3. Can't really give a weight as there are big differences even between alloy poles depending on wall thickness and end fittings used. Weight difference for a carbon pole would be reasonably significant from a handling point of view. FLC... wouldn't a deck mounted pole be a PITA? Hard to access anchor locker, trip hazard etc... ??? Wouldn't it be better to make something more like the attached image but somehow make the splash/bow wrap attach to the toerail? I reckon if you made a nice product (which judging on your other work wouldn't be a problem) it would be quite saleable! Key
  4. Actually was never a committee decision... The rules don't seem to specify a material. So a few have gone and got carbon kite poles. Interestingly there is no specified material for mainsails either.... just a minimum cloth weight. So you could build a carbon or kevlar mainsail... but it would be no lighter and very expensive! As the likes of 3Di / 3DL / Stratus cloth weight varies in different parts of the sail I don't think you could make a mainsail this way under the current class rules. Hence the current rules result in Dacron mainsails which to be fair are probably a great option.
  5. Cameron

    SSANZ Race D

    So will the Delta race be postponed or cancelled?
  6. Isotemp from Fridgetech are pretty good. Easy to install. https://www.fridgetech.co.nz/
  7. The Figaro 3 type bobstay system makes a lot of sense... Only loaded when tackline is.
  8. They had just discovered the enlarge/reduce function on the photocopier!
  9. Sea Nymph / McDell Marine didn't build great rudders... maybe it was construction methods/materials of the time? They all seem to leak and gain bumps and hollows, I think due to the stainless stock which expands/contracts at a different rate to the glass and eventually breaks any seal. What have you done on the stock?
  10. First comment from the photo… have you tried reducing diameter of the halyards? They look pretty big.
  11. Was considering doing the BOISW again after a few years absence (have done it numerous times previously and thoroughly enjoyed) but disappointed by the demise of C division with so few entries last year. It seems everyone is trending towards the "Island Racing" divisions which I would consider other than the fact there are only 3 races! Seems like a lot of effort to get the boat there and organise crew and then only have 3 races? I would have hoped for at least 2 races a day. Am I alone in this thought or do others think the same?
  12. Although the notice of race prevents a simple reschedule (which I completely agree with as people make plans based on NOR) it doesn’t mean there aren’t other possibilities…. The final race could be rescheduled but not count towards the series? Many of the competitors just love the racing (and the last/shortest race is often the most popular) so if rescheduled could just be a standalone race with prizes accordingly. I don’t think anyone would hold it against SSANZ if this happened and didn’t affect series scores. I know several competitors felt short changed last year by losing a race and
  13. DP is on to it. I have to remove 2 slugs from the mainsail track to put the first reef in.
  14. Explains a lot! So is it your wife or mother that dresses you funny???
  15. Amateurs! Now this is a real horn I've recently helped install to a boat... F35A802B-946D-443B-8307-EB944C1037B0_1_201_a.heic 2A1AF883-E8E0-4ED4-A428-80DAE8434725.heic F35A802B-946D-443B-8307-EB944C1037B0_1_201_a.heic
  16. John Bennett at Sparloft is the class supplier for masts.
  17. I'd rather have the limit increased to 18 knots.... 12 knots is the absolute worst possible speed to choose as most launch's aren't quite planing so at at maximum possible wake creation speed. Either slower or faster is better!
  18. If you are going to change... go to needle roller bearings. The difference is huge!
  19. Ovlov would be the last place I would go to for checking or working on a Volvo (speaking from experience) unless you have far too much money!
  20. Quick check will soon establish if your non-factory finished 1020 is affected an if so its a quick fix. The boats have proven to be pretty tough
  21. I'm more concerned about SSANZ setting a fair line... which I define as a start line I'm struggling to work out where I want to start. This spreads the fleet along the line rather than bunching a the favoured end. Sometimes where wind/tide can make one end advantageous a deliberate bias needs to be build into the line to tempt boats towards the other end. Secondly, I'd like to see starts delayed in very light flukey conditions until the breeze stabilises. Generally the boats don't travel very far until the breeze kicks in anyway but there will be big winners and losers... so I think bette
  22. For the pilot I recently installed a Pelagic on Hard Labour after previously having had both Raymarine and Simrad tillerpilots... massive improvement!
  23. $220 is dirt cheap.... any less and the police would be after you for stolen property!
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