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  1. I'm not convinced in the merits of adding the Coastal Classic to this series... Reasoning... There is quite a big fleet racing (lots of boats to potentially hit) and being a coastal race you are never far from the shore/rocks/dangers so a watch will be required continuously. For a multihull/bigger faster mono it probably isn't an issue as it's likely you can finish before you really need sleep but for a small mono, particularly if it's a slower race this becomes an issue. Some will argue that you can sail around the world solo, why not the coastal? But there is a massive difference
  2. By the time you relaunch the Reptile Knot Me.... Carbon will be old school and there will be a new wonder material!
  3. Fairway Marks The following will be deemed to be obstructions and shall be passed on the main channel side. ( a ) Beacon on Sewer Outlet (Orakei) ( b ) Bean Rock light and Doris Rock Beacon (approx. 25 metres north of Bean Rock) ( c ) Green Beacon on Sandspit (SW of Torpedo Wharf by No.19 Buoy) ( d ) Small Craft mooring Areas as defined on chart 5322 including all moored vessels and mooring buoys adjacent to these areas ( e ) Rangitoto Lighthouse ( f ) Emu Rock Iliomana Rock Beacon ( g ) Red Buoys eastern side of Motuihe Channel ( h ) Yach
  4. Firstly... PCC rum race rules are different (PCC is looser). SSANZ and RNZYS rum races rules more closely align. Secondly... I have asked and been told that RNZYS don't recall having had any protests in regards to the "Rum Race Special" type sails we regularly see used in the rum race E Division. So is it legal or just "untested" to date?
  5. My view on the protest and "Jibtop's" First SSANZ NOR/SI 1.11 In the designated Cruising/NonSpinnaker divisions, no spinnakers or extras may be set. Extras are defined as sails not normally used to advantage to windward. Headsails may be boomed out using spinnaker booms but shall only be carried on a permanent load bearing forestay with only one headsail per forestay. Key words being "to advantage"... For most boats using a Jibtop would be a disadvantage to windward and therefore not allowed. Activator presented a case where they say it is too their advantage to use their Jibtop
  6. I got the text! so it did work... Anyway with the number of smartphones now I'm wondering if there is a need for the txt service (particularly if it's not consistently reliable) as everyone can just view the webpage. It would have been nice if more boats used the PredictWind tracker app...
  7. Only just over 24 hours to get your entry in... If you wait for briefing you will be too late! www.ssanz.co.nz
  8. A pole at briefing ??? Could be great for entertainment value but I suspect a poll will deliver far more useful feedback!
  9. When do you need it? I know of a 6 Man available mid July that's just had its major service
  10. While so many yachts sit in their marina berths relatively unused I'd find it hard to accept the argument that more Two Handed sailing reduces the opportunities for younger people to get involved. I'd like to hope a surplus of available crew could encourage some owners to get back out there...
  11. After hearing your hallucination stories I have to disagree.... your definitely madder than us!
  12. Responses from Skins are always better after liberal applications of rum...
  13. Smithy Can we publish some video of the Marshall's celebration antic's in Napier? It's as entertaining as the Skinner vid! ...please???
  14. Crisis averted... Starting on schedule
  15. Might be a change to the start time or position this morning. SSANZ will be negotiating with the Napier Harbour Master shortly...
  16. Might pay to read the SI's about stopovers... Staggered start highly unlikely as minimum stopover time is 12h. The 48hr is applied to the 60% boats finish time.
  17. They have to earn the right to board the bus for the infamous Napier Vineyard Tour... Although conditions could be much worse they are certainly more than a little uncomfortable out there! Napier is a great destination to recharge for the final charge to the finish.
  18. Starts at 1700hrs on Sunday... New thread for Leg 3
  19. I'm looking forward to some big sponsorship SailorX! I don't think any other organisation would be able to run the race and do what we have done on a budget of twice what we have. With a Sydney-Hobart type budget I'm imagining live footage from choppers, instantaneous trackers, live bands/concerts at stopovers, etc etc... BTW I checked half the fleets YB's and batteries are all in great shape, looks like they will easily last the entire race without being touched.
  20. Weather is always just like the brochure isn't it? We paid some extra money for a flasher brochure this year... http://www.ssanz.co.nz/documents/events ... Latest.pdf Seems to have paid off. With the pxts we are getting just imagine how good the next brochure will be!
  21. A lot of the crews had two on deck... but not the Truxton. Shane was driving while Skinner was having yet another sleep! I'm sure Skinner will tell a different story but we have the photographic evidence! #2014RNI
  22. Just click on the windsock button at top of screen! The crew on Marshall Law is a very handy sailor... might be making the difference
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