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It's been a while since I have down that way, I didn't know about the Paua World in Carterton.

I love the rugged coast past the Palliser lighthouse - can you still get past there and get to those giant rocks to camp beside - they're amazing.

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Just thought I'd post these two (not great) pics of coming home from Kawau on Sunday. I must say I am enjoying the easy sailing in this part of the world!!


And Booboo, I LOVE the A2 jennaker! I know its a few years old now, but just to say it really is a fantastic cruising sail. I way prefer it over the spinnaker, and our top sailing speeds are normally using this sail.


Those of you cruising without a Asymmetrics, or no kite either, really should consider one. No pole, easy to use, and keeps you sailing when you might otherwise be motoring! :D


Jennaker 1.jpg


Jennaker 2.jpg

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A milestone weekend for me. It's been over a year since I set foot on a yacht. It's been nearly 2 1/2 years since I last sailed on a multihull. This has been due to injuring both my forearms. They will never fully recover. I've been asked plenty of times by good friends who have said that I could simply come along for the ride and do nothing. I haven't wanted to go sailing, not at all.


A couple of days ago a friend rang me up and asked me if I wanted to sail with him on his C Class cat in the local Weiti/Gulf Harbour winter race. In that instant I knew it was time to get out on the water again.


Today was a beautiful autumnal day - but no wind. The start was delayed for around 15 minutes, and then it got underway. The C Class is a little underpowered in the very light and so we never were able to foot it with the 40 footers. The wind slowly built but not soon enough, but it was actually a great way to get back in the saddle, so to speak. I was on the helm so that I had no injury risk and on a cat, the mainsheet can be a more critical role, so owner/designer/builder/friend was on the sheet.


After we finished we carried on sailing and went looking for some wind. We found it around half way between Gulf Harbour & Rakino. A whole 5 knots gusting 8. But on a C class that is enough!


We gybed over and headed back in. The wind was up and down and I needed to be quick on helm corrections but it came back to me like riding a bike - a bit wobbly at first but in no time I felt comfortable.


It was a great sail! Top speed was 16.2 knots when the wind puffed up to perhaps 10 knots. Once the windward hull lifts clear you feel the acceleration and the ride smooths out as there is no slamming against the waves.


I'm home now, happy, my arms are fine. Think I like this sailing thing.

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A++AA !

...as the old saying goes "all strength to your arm"


a run on BP under the watchful eye of that vessels tyrannical captain may be good for the soul. (I assume he knows how to behave if you take over as skipper for the duration :D )

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Yes David is a first class host I can testify to that. I have been on BP twice, but motoring one time and tied up to the dock on New Year's Eve doesn't really count as boating does it?


I slept badly last nite as over and over in my mind I was flying a hull and blasting along at 16 odd knots like we were on rails. What a great way to lose sleep!

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Sunday must have been the day for returns AA. I had first row and time onboard by myself in almost a year. Also an injury. I didn't get out, but it was so good just to be able to get on board. I know just how you feel AA, just simply wonderful, even if not a complete return to former, some is a ton better than none.

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Went to Paihia and did the seagull racing along side the Bath-tubbers Nice weekend, 22 seagull boats on the start line, so a good fleet.


And the usual random inventions bought out of various sheds:




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progress on getting vindil, my okahu bay storfidra 25, back into shape continues


it'll stay on the mooring until i can get the vetus m2.06 running


as it fires but dies, it's looking like lack of fuel and suspicion is currently focused on the fuel shutoff solenoid


on shore task has been cleaning headsails, unfortunately they were stored under a leaking fuel tap


2 storm sails and 2 jibs have so far been given an initial clean by laying them out on the lawn and gently brushing over with hot soapy water and then rinsing the oil-slick off


the spin got gentler treatment in the bath.............. boy did that leave a ring!


most still slightly greasy to touch so may get another wash when i've gotten the idea of painstakingly washing 10 sail sides again


the 9.3m x 3.29m mainsail was left on the boom and is oil free, but at 44? years old had about 22 pinholes and cuts so got so got 44? stick on sail-tape repairs so it can at least survive as a backup for now


the seized roller reefing boom isn't, so have been pondering a future move to lazy-jacks, or the newer venetian blind-type 'dutchman' system, which requires cutting slots back into the sail, sigh...






once it is at least motoring i'll start looking for a better main


anyone know of a source for the luff + foot measurements for

- raven26

- tracker

- salthouse 25


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The dutchman is cool, but probably not worth the hassle or expense on a boat your size. If I may offer a suggestion - do what needs to be done to get sailing, then go sailing, then decide what additions/alterations are necessary. When we bought BP I had a long list of things I Wanted to do. Luckily I can't start them as I have to finish paying for the boat first. But surprisingly the list is now way, way shorter as i learn that what was put there by the designer and the previous two owners is actually pretty smart.

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