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This Weekend's Achievements


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Ok, less important life type stuff has robbed me of a couple of weekends of what should have been yacht based toil, but we are on the verge of undercoating the 830 now...

Prod tube fitted and faired, stem all cleaned up and toerails made, glued, glassed and faired... getting really good at this sanding lark now ha ha!

Going to jack and chock the hull in the cradle one night this week to ping the waterline, bit of masking and dusting/wiping down then three coats wet on wet of highbuild epoxy primer thinned only just enough to use as a filler coat will be going on cabin, decks and topsides this Saturday. The really neat thing is I then get to sand most of it back off  :thumbup:








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You guys who do this stuff really are a credit to the NZ sailing reputation! That is a %^$# load of work, same as KM, and others. It all seems to be boats to around 30ft as well.... DIY is not dead, as some would have you believe!

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Me and a couple of the crew emptied the 'ship out ahead of pushing her into the shed for keel and cockpit replacement. This week I'll be cutting out the false floor and grinding off the interior gel coat.


Then I made pies roast lamb and vegetable pies for the race management team, but the racing was cancelled, so guess what I'm having for lunch :-)

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I had to have a haircut, a shave and a shower all on the same day and in the same month ............ and it's not even October yet. But I did get rewarded with a lot of Czechoslovakian Pilsner. There was a lot and it was the good stuff, free. It was actually a very nice drop I'd happily do again.



That is a %^$# load of work, same as KM, and others. It all seems to be boats to around 30ft as well.... DIY is not dead, as some would have you believe!

A %^$# load is a very accurate description. But I'm intentionally doing 99% of it myself which isn't helping the time frame, add that in with my impulsive destruction habit and the time frame stretches out even more.


A bunch of us were chatting last week and if you add them all up there is quite a significant number of boats either under big tweaks or on the build. Most in the 30-35ft range.


The prods tubes been in for a bit and the latest has been removing the worn away timber rubbing strip. I sucked down some tape to cover the join and give the beaten up over the years toerail a strengthen. I've also cut bits out where the stanchions will go.  Inside where you can't see it the small limp nearly a bulkhead and small shallow anchor locker have gone, now there is a substantial collision bulkhead and lowered and grunted up locker floor.  For the eagle eyed yes I have taken her back to the glass i.e removed the many layers of paint plus gelcoats....... but there is a fair bit still to go but I don't have to take that back as hard.


All I have left construction wise is that last little bit of toerail on the left and the stem head to grunt and glass up. The other side's all done. Then it's cosmetics and fitting to fit.  Inside is galley Mk4, a bit in the nav area and then paint and fittings. I'm getting closer.........   Why do I suddenly feel like a cold Tui?


All that patchy look around the prod is where the peel ply was and dust. 



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Yesterday I started chipping away at the rot along the back rail of the nacelle with a Dremel drill, then with a hammer and pinch bar. Tonight I cut a section out further forward with the jig saw - saturated! Ah well - just another deck to build! One day soon I hope to get to the end of pull things apart!

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Looking good KM

Glad to see I'm not the only one whom has positioned the outer prod tube as close to deck height as possible!

A lot of boats seem to have them further down which moves them away from the grunty gunwhale/hull to deck join. I was going for maximum strength while not giving away too much anchor locker and front berth headroom...

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Ta, I'm getting there slowly. Luckily I do very much enjoy working on her so that eases some of the pain.


Agree, high on the prod is good. I expected to lose more anchor locker but the tube sits nicely to one side and as you mention it's plenty high enough not to interfere with the forward bunk, especially as it's a double so you can't have it to cramped. That carbon you can see is tied into the strengthening and collision bulkhead and the foredeck stay-sail attachment, so if one bit goes the entire bow will probably follow. She was just bits and bobs dropped into a hull, now it's the hull with an entire interlinked interior, space frame like almost, that's fixed to the hull so we're going back seriously stronger than we came out.


The new anchor locker is damn near a 3 bedroom suite after the old locker so it came up better than expected as well, almost all of her is coming up better than hoped.


Also like you I've kept the forward projection of the retracted prod to a minimum. Not a fan of this 500mm whatever sticking out when retracted. Mine prod is also very flat when out rather than pointing upwards, more leech = more area... not that I really need it.

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It's still kind of the weekend isn't it?

Convinced Kelsey to come give me a hand to level the old girl up and sort the waterline out. Man the laser made short work of the whole deal! Plenty of time for a pint at the Wade afterwards ha ha





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Got 4 liters of epoxy hibuild primer which according to the paint shop should have done three full coats wet on wet. .. almost managed 1.5 ha ha. .. I think he wasn't factoring in the cockpit, cabin and decks.

Have to do it all again I guess!




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Lookin good  :thumbup:  Nice tidy workshop too!!

Sure is and I like the way they fitted their smoke alarm. It shows someone cares .... or the OSH inspector was due soon  ;D


Oh how I wish I was doing the final fairing on mine.


FLC, I have stray mast bits and so on drifting around if you get caught short or are looking for something. Just drop a note and I'll see if I can help.

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Well... what a weekend!


Crash course in boat spraying and two pack Urethanes resulted in a pretty damn decent looking DIY paint job if I do say so myself.


It wasn't without dramas though, Had to shoot the decks, cockpit and cabin first which was pretty problematic doing it all at once as far as access was concerned. In hindsight splitting the task up would have made more sense but we are in the gun time wise so had to have that all complete on Saturday. 


Sunday a mask up and shoot the hull in white, let it tack off then two coats of Ford 'Toxic'. All going well then noticed a big sag on the starboard side white coat so we opted to finish two coats on the port side then retire to the pub for lunch, to give the stbd side time to harden so we could sand the sag out.


All worked out ok, sanded it out and hand scuffed the entire length, dusted then went to spray. The port side was dry to the touch and looked a million clams and my mate was concerned about drift so he carefully draped masking film over the entire length of it... which promptly sucked onto the paint and imprinted a really neat 'plastic bag' effect on the whole thing.


Soooooo....... another re-scuff then applied two coats to the stbd side and another to the port side. I'm standing there admiring my handiwork and Joel sings out "weve got a runner!" D'oh! another sag on the stbd side right where we had run out of paint and restarted. Nothing we could do about it so packed up and went home. Fortunately the owner of the warehouse is down country till Tuesday so I left everything as it was and returned at 5am this morning, wet sanded the run out, re-scuffed the entire side and dusted it down. Set the lights up, poured out two 500ml cups of slime and found that I was out of standard hardener. I had some fast hardener left over from the primer, did a bit of googling and couldn't find anything re: compatibility so mixed 500ml up with that and intermixed the two cups.... there was no smoke so I bit the bullet and laid it on. All this practice is making a difference to my spraying skill that's for sure!


I cleaned everything up and jetted down to Wairau Valley to return the spray gun to my Autopainter mate at bang on his 0730 start time at work. No harm no foul.


He assured me that the 50/50 std/fast hardener was not only fine, but it's what he would have done on a day like this.











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Looks great. All we did was go to Motuihe and then Izzy/ motutap, didn't take any wood pigeons , didn't kill any Takahe.

Our buddies walked the beaches and collected about 5 sacks of rubbish to take home and bin. We'll start doing that ourselves after that rather fine example.

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