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Your Glamour Photos

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A couple more of my favorites. 

Rafted up to our friends on the pogo 1250 in the BVIs.

Rogue under gennaker going down the coast of Puerto Rico. 

San Blas islands playtime on Rogue with the swing setup and kids from every boat on board. 





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48 minutes ago, Boatworks said:

Nearing the Mokes in a SSANZ race in 2016.  Booboo was about 200m away from us at the time...


First SSANZ ANZAC race to Great Barrier? 

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20 hours ago, Sudden5869 said:

Oliver Sudden in cruise mode, and in the background photo of American Magic's infamous capsize

Amazing that they did not lose that boat - it took fast thinking and quick work by a lot of people to save it.

Kudos to all of them. 

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On 23/05/2021 at 2:16 AM, AJ Oliver said:

our first race of the season  . . part of the fleet 

That leading boat is a J-29. We have three of them in the Club now. 

They are quick, with a PHRF rating of about 115. 

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Going back a few years....

Alaska in 2001 on Shaman.

Kodiak island, Prince William sound, Kenai Pennisular and back down the inside passage through Juneau, ketchican and onto Seattle. Followed by a cruise down the west coast of the USA onto mexico and back to Hawai where I started the voyage.

p4UKnE0W (2).png

p4UKnE0W (3).png

p4UKnE0W (4).png

p4UKnE0W (5).png


Alaska 1.png

p4UKnE0W (1).png

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